Squatty Potty Benefits

6 Squatty Potty Benefits You’ll Brag About to Everyone You Know

Ah, defecation – the one subject which consistently falls under the “too much information” category. And yes, it is fair to say that it isn’t the best conversation starter at the dinner table.

However, just as we all eat and drink, we also poop. And, just as many of our modern foods may not be as healthy as they could be, the same goes for how we poop.

You see, modern western toilets may be nice, comfortable thrones, there to cradle us in gentle luxury while we enjoy catching up on the sports page or the latest issue of Cosmopolitan. But when it comes to efficacy, our contemporary commode may be falling a bit short.

The problem is, our toilets have us in a standard sitting position, which is great for reading the paper and leafing through magazines, although not ideal for expelling all our waste.

In fact, while comfortable, pooping in this position is the equivalent of attempting to drain our rain gutters through a kinked pipe. Sure, much of the water and leaves will go down the pipe, just not all, and you may need to do some pushing to get much of the debris past the blockage.

But what can be done about this, you ask? Simple. Revert to how your body was meant to clear itself of waste – that is, by changing to a squatting position, rather than a sitting one.

No, we’re not suggesting that you head out to the woods to hang over a hole in the ground every time you feel the urge to go. However, what you can do is invest in a squatting toilet device, aka a squatty potty, which offers an inexpensive alternative to the modern pooping position, and will help you go in a more efficient and healthy manner.

Need more reasons to go with a squatting toilet? Here are 6 squatty potty benefits you won’t be able to shut up about once you’ve experienced them for yourself!

No More Constipation

Most of us know the discomfort of being backed-up, and chronic constipation can also be quite dangerous. When we become constipated, we usually chalk it up to stress, not enough fiber, too little hydration, or many other reasons, although rarely do we consider that our pooping position has anything to do with it.

But sitting down as though at a school desk essentially puts a kink in our rectum, so even if you do take otherwise good care of your digestive health, you may still have a constipation-causing obstruction which a squatting toilet can take care of.

By bringing your knees up from a flat, seated position, to where they are closer to your chest and in a squatting position, you can straighten out our lower colon and rectum. This helps the elimination process, and allows gravity – not pushing – to do the work. Which results in a more complete, healthy, safe, and effortless elimination.

Helps Hemorrhoids

No need to go into any detail here, as anyone who has experienced them knows what a pain-in-the-rear they can be (sorry, pun intended…). While there is more than one cause of hemorrhoids, a primary reason for them is straining at the stool – an act which can be alleviated by straightening out your internal plumbing through a change in seating position.

By excreting in a squatting position, we can keep our lower rectum straighter, and allow things to flow more naturally. After all, you’re pooping to rid yourself of waste, not to get an ab workout!

Healthy Hormone Production

Wait…how I pool affects my hormones? Yes, here’s how: Since metabolized hormones are eliminated through solid waste, when you allow them to remain in the colon, they can be reabsorbed and reenter the bloodstream.

So not eliminating everything in your colon each day can be more than just uncomfortable, it can lead to hormonal imbalance, along with other associated health problems.

This prevents our endocrine system from producing new, healthy hormones, and leaves us feeling the effects of an out-of-balance hormonal system: Weight gain, mood swings, abdominal pain, lowered immunity, lethargy, skin conditions, increased risk of cancer, and much more.

The bottom line is, using a squatting toilet can do more than just help you feel less full of poop, it can also help your hormonal wellbeing, which affects your mental and physical wellbeing as well.

Avoid Colorectal Cancer

Carcinogens are expelled when you poop, and they can be concentrated from other areas of the body by the time they reach your colon. This alone increases the likelihood of cancer in the colon, which is likely why colorectal cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer there is.

However, the risk goes even higher when carcinogens remain in contact with the intestinal lining for extended periods, such as when full elimination has not occurred. If you suffer chronic constipation, consider using a squatting toilet – it can be a lifesaver!

A Better Pee

Yes, you read that right. One of the best yet underrated squatty potty benefits is that it makes it better peeing for both women AND men.

Have you ever noticed how young children – both boys and girls – will often squat while peeing? This is because when they have the urge to go, they do it naturally, and not the wrong way most of us are taught. For men, even though it can seem less manly to “sit” (squat, actually) to pee, standing puts the same sort of “kink” in the works as sitting to poop (as opposed to squatting), making it harder to empty completely.

Likewise, the same is true for women when they sit on a conventional toilet, and for both sexes, this can lead to bladder infections, kidney stones, incontinence, bladder cancer, kidney problems and more.

So, guys, even though it may not seem quite as manly to squat, you may find that being able to get that last, tiny dribble out is worth it. Plus, there is that whole issue of “over-spray,” which is unavoidable when standing, so rather than hosing down everything around the toilet, consider squatting, which will keep everyone (and everything) cleaner and safer!

No More Lines

Don’t you hate that the bathroom is most often occupied when you most need it? Well, a squatty potty will put an end to that. Thanks to the squatting position – long visits to the throne are naturally discouraged.

No, sitting around doing the crossword may not be as easy on a squatting toilet, and it may discourage lounging in luxury when no one else needs to use it, but that is a good thing. Remember that it is not only constipation and pushing which cause hemorrhoids, but extended time spent on the pot as well.

Sure, it is the most comfortable seat in the house – we all know that – and we all love to linger in the bathroom but it is not the healthiest place to take an extended break, so save it for the easy chair. Besides, that line outside the door when you’re done can be kind of embarrassing. Just sayin’!

So, even if you think your conventional toilet is doing just fine for you, consider giving a squatting device a try, since you may not realize the health problems your modern toilet is causing you.

The great news is, a squatting device is simple and inexpensive, and there is no need for a major investment in new plumbing to have one installed. Instead, it is usually a small stool which sits in front of the toilet and raises your feet, which can easily be stored out of the way for those who prefer not to use it.

However, once you become aware of the many benefits of using one, you probably won’t be storing it!

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