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fast acting constipation relief

6 Natural Methods That Actually Work for Fast Acting Constipation Relief

There’s constipation relief and there’s fast acting constipation relief. And if you’ve ever taken a laxative that took its slow time to work its way through your system – you know exactly what we mean.

Yup, sometimes you don’t just want relief for your constipation – you need it fast.

After all, constipation doesn’t usually hit at the most convenient times, when you have hours to dawdle around the house, lurking close to your toilet. Nope, constipation likes to strike when you’ve got a big date to get ready for. Or that huge meeting you’ve spent the past two weeks preparing for happening in a few hours.

Try as you may, you simply cannot go to save your life, and you just KNOW how crummy that’s going to make you feel all day long!

Unless, of course, there is a natural remedy which will take care of the problem, and fast? Hmmm, you may just be in luck.

As it turns out, there are some very effective ways to “break the dam” without having to wait for an overnight laxative to do its thing – and then possibly not even work. In fact, these safe and natural methods will get you moving, and have you unclogged and feeling great in no time.

So, what are you waiting for, you’ve got a life to live! Let’s clear up your system, yes?

What’s Best for Fast Acting Constipation Relief?

So, let’s get straight to the point: what can you take that will make you go fast?

To start, there are many kinds of laxatives which all work in different ways. Some stimulate muscles to move waste along, while others soften and hydrate stools to make them easier to pass. Some provide additional fiber to bulk and soften stools, while still others lubricate stools, so they can easily slip through the colon and be excreted.

For now, we will stick to the ones which work quickly – or even avoid the problem altogether. Here goes…

Use a squatting toilet

As they say, the best cure is prevention, and by using a squatting toilet, you can usually prevent blockage from happening in the first place. This is because by getting your heels up closer to your rump, you are straightening your rectum, which is normally kinked when in a standard sitting position.

This allows full and complete expulsion of waste, thereby preventing any backup. Plus, there are other health benefits associated with using a squatting toilet, including alleviating hemorrhoids, helping you maintain a healthy hormone balance, and lowered risk of colorectal cancer.

And, since a squatting device is typically just a small stool which raises your feet while you sit, it is inexpensive, and no expensive installation necessary. Simple!

Castor oil

Yes, the very stuff your grandmother always recommended you use does work – and fast. However, no promises will be made so far as your enjoying the taste, since few do.

But castor oil, which is made from the seeds (castor beans) of the castor oil plant, works when the ricinoleic acid it produces when digested bind to the smooth muscle cells of the colon wall, causing them to activate and expel all waste.

Castor oil also takes between 2-6 hours to work, making it a speedy option. And who knows, perhaps the taste will encourage you to be more proactive in your diet and exercise so that you can avoid constipation in the first place (who wants to choke THAT down more than once?).

Breathing exercises

Guess what? You’re breathing too fast, and it’s making you constipated! Yes, preposterous as it may sound, there is evidence that breathing too rapidly – something most of us do – is reducing the concentration of CO2 in us, which causes constipation.

The answer? Slow down your breathing (duh!). By following some simple breathing techniques while sitting on the toilet, constipation can be eliminated in as little as 1-minute. And, it works over 80% of the time, according to Soviet medical doctors who prescribe it to their patients regularly. Plus, this one is free, so all the better!

Essentially, these breathing exercises entail exhaling through your nose, holding your breath from there, and then inhaling from your diaphragm (and again, only using your nose), using only short, measured breaths. The basic idea here is to allow your O2 levels to increase, which helps you eliminate waste. There are also many yoga breathing and poses which can be done, all of which will help as well.


For relief from occasional constipation, as well as better sleep, relaxed muscles, more energy and a healthy heart, magnesium may be just what you need. Magnesium works as an “osmotic” laxative, meaning it draws water to the bowels and hydrates waste, making it easier to pass.

Additionally, magnesium is nature’s muscle relaxer, and allows the muscles in the colon to ease-back and let waste pass more easily. Try using magnesium citrate, as it is the most absorbable form, and will get you the speediest results.

However, be aware that too much of it can get things flowing too fast, so unless you want to go from dreading your constipation, to dreading diarrhea, make sure not to overdo it.

Prune juice

Again with grandma’s remedies – she must have known a thing or two! As with castor oil, prune juice works rapidly, and is effective. However, unlike castor oil, the taste (for most of us, anyway) is not so bad. Prune juice works in a couple of ways, not the least of which is by stimulating the muscles of the colon, as well as by drawing water to stools to soften them.

This is because prunes are naturally high in sorbitol, which is a sugar alcohol that stimulates the colon while working as an osmotic laxative. Prunes are also naturally high in both soluble and insoluble fiber, which adds bulk to stools and makes them easier to pass.

However, as with other remedies containing sorbitol, staying within the recommended dosage (4-8oz of prune juice for most adults) is highly recommended, since you most certainly don’t want to have to interrupt your day with frequent races to the bathroom.

The key here is slowly and incrementally increasing dosage should your first round not work. Also keep in mind that it doesn’t work at the same rate for all of us, so be patient if it doesn’t take effect immediately.

Avoid diuretics and remember to hydrate

A prime reason we get constipated in the first place is that we don’t drink enough water, and instead, consume too much coffee, tea, caffeinated sodas, alcohol and other diuretics.

Since your colon draws water to produce stools and make them easier to pass, allowing yourself to become dehydrated leaves stools hard, lumpy, and stuck.

So, before you do anything, be sure to hydrate – it may be all you need to get going, no expensive laxatives necessary!

So, there you have it – 6 ways to relieve constipation in a hurry, and all of them natural, safe and effective.
However, avoiding constipation altogether is still the best medicine, and while it is good to know you have options for taking care of it on short notice, why wait?

By consuming adequate fiber, using a good probiotic, staying hydrated, and getting enough daily exercise, most of us can make our occasional constipation a thing of the past!

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