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fast acting constipation relief

6 Natural Methods That Actually Work for Fast Acting Constipation Relief

There’s constipation relief and there’s fast acting constipation relief. And if you’ve ever taken a laxative that took its slow time to work its way through your system – you know exactly what we mean. Yup, sometimes you don’t just want relief for your constipation – you need it fast. After all, constipation doesn’t usually hit […]

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hemorrhoid pillow

7 Surprising Ways a Hemorrhoid Pillow Improves Your Life

We’re a sedentary culture. Thanks to the fact that so many of us work behind computers at office jobs – meaning that we sit anywhere from 9 to 13 hours per day! – sitting has officially become the new smoking. And there’s no doubt that sitting for so long is bad for our health but […]

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alternatives to prune juice

11 Potent Alternatives to Prune Juice (that Actually Taste Good)

Yes, you know that prune juice is an effective, natural way to take care of your constipation, but the taste – well, it could be better. Not everyone likes it, which certainly includes you. Plus, there is that whole thing with acrylamide in prune juice, which, while supposedly safe so long as you stick to […]

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best laxative tea

What’s the Best Laxative Tea for Constipation? Sip These to Get Things Moving

So, your day has not gone as planned, and you seem to have had a little trouble pooping this morning. And yes, it happens to most of us, though to be sure, it is not a subject we typically announce to the world. But, with nearly 15% of us in the US suffering from chronic […]

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bidet benefits

13 Bidet Benefits for You, Your Wallet and The Environment

A lot of us aren’t familiar with the numerous bidet benefits that the rest of the world have grown up with. In fact, many of us aren’t familiar with the concept of bidets at all. They’re just not a common thing in the West. But once you get past the weirdness of toilets that squirt […]

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types of laxatives

What Types of Laxatives are Best? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Alright, so we’ve all been there: that bloated, gassy, sluggish feeling of not having had our daily bowel movement – yuck! It’s an all-too-common discomfort and it can happen for a variety of reasons, including lack of fiber, too much fiber, dairy, lack of exercise, or under-hydration. However, the bottom line is, you feel lousy […]

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how to stay regular without laxatives

How to Stay Regular Without Laxatives: 7 Little Habits for Bathroom Bliss

When you have your bowels in a serious knot and are having a hard time staying ‘regular’ with your toilet schedule, the immediate relief from laxatives seems like the perfect solution. If only they didn’t have such awful side effects… Over the counter (OTC) laxatives are inexpensive, provide immediate relief and can be found in […]

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prune juice for constipation

Does Drinking Prune Juice for Constipation Work?

If you find yourself thinking about prune juice – it’s probably due to that dreaded sluggish, bloated, gassy feeling of constipation, there to rob you of any productivity and wellbeing you may have been looking forward to today. After all, when else does anyone crave prune juice? And, while there are both natural and not-so-natural […]

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how to stay regular on a low carb diet

How to Stay Regular on a Low Carb Diet: 5 Simple Ways to Get Things Moving

Wondering how to stay regular on a low carb diet? Welcome to the club. So many folks who’ve gone low carb have a long and illustrious history of grain consumption. So when you finally decide to lose those extra pounds and cut out the load of carbs that your system has become used to, it’s […]

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Squatty Potty Benefits

6 Squatty Potty Benefits You’ll Brag About to Everyone You Know

Ah, defecation – the one subject which consistently falls under the “too much information” category. And yes, it is fair to say that it isn’t the best conversation starter at the dinner table. However, just as we all eat and drink, we also poop. And, just as many of our modern foods may not be […]

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